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The Do`s and Don`ts of Tree Trimming that You Need to Know

With the benefits that we can get from trees on our property, many homebuyers want to purchase properties with trees on them. Trees help us in many ways. It can combat the pollution that we have in our environment. It provides fresh and cool winds during the summer season. Also, the shade of trees is a perfect place to spend time with your family, especially if you choose to bond outside your home. Trees also help homeowners to decrease energy bills significantly when the temperature outside increases rapidly. They will not allow your place for a direct heat of the sun.

Because of the advantages that we can get from our trees, we should maintain them. Maintaining the looks and tidiness of our trees is one of our responsibilities as an owner. We need to remove rotten branches, fallen leaves, stop the illnesses and diseases of our trees. One of the most renowned ways on how to take good care of our trees is trimming. Trimming is essential for maintaining the good health of our trees. It also improves the aesthetic look of your landscape. 

Since many people want to avail themselves of tree services like trimming, many companies are into this industry. It is our challenge as tree owners to choose a trustworthy, competent, and worthwhile company. Thankfully, tree trimming Orange County has everything in terms of services for our trees. The company is not only concerned with trimming but also with other services for your trees. Name it, the company has it all!

Before planning to conduct a trimming in our trees, we should bear in mind the Dos and Don`ts of trimming.

First, if our place experiences a heavy storm, hurricanes, and any natural disasters, conduct a thorough inspection of your tress. In this manner, you will assess if what help your trees need. If you have noticed that there are branches that must be removed, calling an expert to do the job is the best thing. You should keep yourself away from danger, especially when it is about your trees.

Second, before trimming your trees, ensure that you have the appropriate skills and training about the job. If none then let the skilled, trained, and licensed people handle your trees. In this manner, you will not put your trees in trouble.

Third, if you have observed that some parts of your trees start to reach your roofs, conduct a trimming quickly. Overgrown trees may damage your properties and may cause accidents.

Fourth, do not trim the foliage of trees for more than twenty or thirty percent. It will put the health of your trees at risk.

Fifth, if you have young trees at home with ages not less than a year, do not trim them for beautification purposes. Trim them when it is needed and for getting rid of diseased branches.

Sixth, if you have observed that your trees have wounds after the trimming; do not put sealer into them. It will cause rotting of the branches and might cause death.

Seventh and lastly, before deciding to do trimming all by yourself, think of the consequences you will face. Trimming is as not as easy as you think and only professionals are allowed to do so. Prevent issues and damages that will not only harm you but also your pocket.

How to Handle Fallen Trees After a Hurricane

Natural disasters like a hurricane are destructive, especially when we are not ready about it. Different things can be affected by the hurricane, but the trees suffered most and what makes it more complicated is when trees damage our properties. Hurricane is characterized by strong wind rotation, wind speed, and progression. It does not only last for hours but weeks. Many countries are very familiar with the damages of hurricanes but do not have ideas on how to handle it when the disaster is over, especially when trees are in great concern. Different things you should take to deal with the fallen trees once the hurricane is over. But the most important thing to ensure is the safety of your family as well as yourself. Well, we could not deny the fact that handling fallen trees on our property after a hurricane is quite tempting but is not advisable. There are instances that trees are uprooted and removed, causing them to fall in your yard or homes, and need experts and professionals service to ensure safety and to avoid additional damages that will worsen the problems.

Furthermore, hiring professionals and experts from tress service Orange County to handle fallen trees after a hurricane is the wisest decision to make. If you think that it will harm your savings and cost a lot, and then think twice since if you do it alone, your safety is at risk. Aside from that, you do not have the appropriate tools and equipment to do the work. Moreover, this type of work is not for ordinary people who do not have proper training, skills, and equipment. With the many companies that deal with this type of service, it is indeed difficult to hire the best of the best. But with our company everything is safe, convenient, and easy for you!

Let us now talk about how to handle fallen trees after a hurricane. After securing the safety of your family, the next thing you should do is contacting the insurance company to know if they are capable of giving your home financial assistance. There are instances that the insurance company will not provide aids, especially when the fallen trees are old and you need to remove them before the hurricane.

The third step you should take is calling our company to remove the tree for you. Remember not to deal with things that will put your safety at risk, and that includes tree removal. Rest assured that our team will give you excellent services and impressive outputs. Apart from that, we have high-quality and high-tech materials that will make everything convenient and easy for you!

We also have experts and professionals to examine and inspect trees on your property that might cause damage in the future. In this manner, we will ensure that we do not only remove fallen trees but also assess if there are still trees that can harm your property and family. Our company also provides insurance to our people to ensure that our clients are not liable to compensation when accidents happen within their properties. If you wish to hire us and be part of our fast-growing company, visiting our website or sending us messages is the best thing to do!

Indications That You Need to Trim Your Tree

Regularly trimming your trees offers you with a huge range of advantages. This includes preventing possible safety concerns and property damage and aesthetic appeal.

However, most homeowners don’t know when they should prune a tree. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. We are here to help. Today, we’re going to share with you signs that might indicate you need to trim your tree. If you don’t want to spend money for tree removal cost Orange County, then trimming your tree is your ideal bet.

Abnormal Shaped Tree

The shape of a tree becomes abnormal if you ignore it. This can affect its structural integrity and beauty. Aside from looking bad, trees like this also distribute their weight improperly. This can result in property damage and potential injury when the tree suddenly breaks.

Abnormal Growth

In general, trees grow upwards towards the sun. However, trees might have to fight with other plants and trees in urban areas where space is not enough. Because of this, trees might have to grow outward rather than vertically. This results in heavy branches that can break under its own weight. Trimming regularly helps to prevent this and lower the weight of abnormal tree growth. This makes them less dangerous.

Wandering Branches

When it comes to getting rid of wandering and huge branches, it is ideal to call a professional tree service company. Branches that are not tamed and have been left to grow can reach nearby properties and tangle themselves around power lines and other trees. This can lead to a lot of damages to your property if left ignored.

Density of the Branches

Another clear indication that you have to trim the tree is excessive growth. It is time to have your tree pruned if it is extremely thick that it is almost impossible to see through it. The reason for this is that branch density can turn dangerous as the branches of your tree have higher possibilities of catching the wind during a storm and cause damage.


Another indication that your trees require trimming is the presence of deadwood. Huge parts of deadwood can fall at any time, just like broken branches. Because of this, they are very dangerous to people and property below. Without the right trimming, a tree can start to decal and will have to be removed if it turns unhealthy.

Crossed Branches

As they grow, the branches of a tree start to cross whenever the tree it left ignored. If this occurs, they rub and touch each other. This damages the bark and exposes the interior wood. Because of this, it will experience decay that can spread to the rest of the tree.

Broken Branches

Any dangling and broken branches are a sure indication that your tree requires trimming. These types of injuries are sometimes caused by severe weather such as wind or snow. In addition to that, they present a severe safety threat that you have to attend to right away. Because of this, it is suggested that you inspect your trees after a storm and trim broken branches.

Saving Trees as Much as You Can

If you want to have a clean kind of air and ambiance around your place, then you need to consider about having trees in your property and make sure to keep them in a good condition. We even hire a trusted San Mateo tree care so that it could even help the overall structure and health of the tree and it won’t give you a hard time to take care of it and know the problems of the trees that you have in there. Having trees could be a common tradition for a lot of cities and countries so that it would make the place more convenient to live in and most of the time this is the place where we can relax and have a good time especially during the summer time of the year. Seeing those trees being cut down would feel bad but there are some reasons where you can feel unpleasant because of the situation and the effects of it.

You need to know more about how the trees can help you and it can help to make the place very nice and beautiful and this is the only way that you can give back everything to the nature. Remember that the quality of the air that you are having now can affect a lot of things and this could be very true for humans and animals, too.

There are many local and national policies and rules when it comes to protecting trees and this is something that you need to have and to follow as well so that you can get the better opportunity and chances when it comes to helping and saving trees. There are many illegal tree loggers that are cutting the trees for making this one as their main source of income but they are doing this one in an illegal way so you need to control and make sure that they know the punishment for doing this kind of thing.

There are some and more organizations online that might be very helpful and useful when it comes to this matter and all the thing that you can do is to give your suggestions and try to get to know more about this one. If there are activities where you need to participate like tree planting, then it is nice if you could join and be part of this one as it will help the place to become better and help those trees that need care.

Of course, you can do a lot of things inside your house and this is something that is very nice as you can do and try to conserve things by staying at home. If you are too busy with your schedule, then you can always do some other stuff like donating some money to the organizations that care for the trees and the environment as they are using this money to generate more funds and help planting more trees in different areas and places to have a better place to live.

When to Call an Emergency Tree Removal Services Company

If you have planted a tree within your property, then you have done the best decision any responsible homeowner would. Apart from the natural shade that it provides, trees are also good source of fresh air and having it near your home could be very soothing. However, in as much as trees are beneficial, you also need to understand that there are instances in which it could pose some serious threat to you and your property.

Damaged trees could be very dangerous for you, your family and your property. This is entirely the reason why as much as possible; you need to look for a company that you could call anytime in order to attend to your damaged trees. The question then is, when should you call an emergency tree removal services? Here are some of the specific scenarios in which you should be calling the attention of a professional:

1. Tree Illness

One of the most common reasons why you need to call an emergency tree removal services is when there is a tree illness that infected one of the trees within your property. The reason behind this is that one affected tree could affect further the other trees planted within your property. What happens then is that when the tree illness spreads to all the trees within your property, chances are all of these trees are going to die and would therefore be cut. Thus, if you don’t want to cut all the trees within your property, you need to check the tree with symptoms of illness and cut it down as soon as possible. You are not only going save the rest of the trees within your property but you are also ensuring that your and your family’s safety is not compromised.

2. After a Storm and Other Related Natural Disaster

Heavy rains and strong winds produced by a storm in your place could cause so much damage, especially on trees. When you are living in an area where a storm has just recently passed, what you need to do first is to check whether the trees within your property are damaged by the storm. If you have seen some serious damages within these trees, what you need to do is to seek for help from emergency tree removal services pronto. The reason behind this is that they are the ones who are mostly capable to assess and remove them without compromising the safety of your property.

3. Rainy Season

Most importantly, you should take a hold of an emergency tree service contact details when it is rainy season. The reason behind this is that, when the soil is continuously wet, it loses its strength and the soil is easily washed away, which could further affect the stability of the trees within your property. Thus, when it is the rainy season, you need to make sure that you have a hotline that you could contact, should the trees within your property lose its stability and start to cause some damages in your property.